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The LubeAlert Oil Analysis Program is a state-of-the-art electronic oil analysis program for heavy duty oils, gas engine oils and special products including water-based hydraulic fluids. The LubeAlert Oil Analysis program is performed by highly qualified lab technicians and manages more than 160,000 engines and more than 1,700 fleets, with all makes and models and vast database documenting trends on virtually all types of diesel engines. The LubeAlert Oil Analysis Program can also customize tests for oils not falling into standard categories.
Early Warning Maintenance Program
LubeAlert HD is designed to offer heavy duty and GreenWay program fleet operators the best oil analysis management tool on the market today. Samples are tested and lab data is generated. Based on expert evaluation of the test results, analysts provide maintenance recommendations on the report. The LubeAlert HD program can identify units that have missed their pre-determined sampling period and offers useful database queries. CITGARD® Syndurance, CITGARD® 700 and Mystik® JT-8® all qualify for this program.
Early Warning Maintenance Program
As a pioneer in early warning oil maintenance programs, LubeAlert GEO is designed for monitoring gas compressor engines to help set oil change intervals and spot developing problems early. A thorough evaluation is made based on lab test results. The program provides instant electronic transmission of oil test results direct from the laboratory to your computer. Data can be viewed, sorted and queried. Pacemaker GEO products qualify for this program.
Early Warning Maintenance Program
LubeAlert CPM offers a variety of test regimes designed for routine monitoring of off-road fleets to identify developing problems and to maximize oil's service life.
Early Warning Maintenance Program
LubeAlert SP is designed to monitor water-based hydraulic systems using either CITGO FR WG-40XD®, CITGO Glycol FR 5046HP®, or Clarion Food Grade FR Fluid®. Lab testing determines viscosity to ensure pump protection and water content to ensure retention of the fluid fire-resistant properties. Other tests identify the level of contaminants.